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Launch of the 2022 Annual Report

Launch of the 2022 Annual Report

M-Kids Association, a leading organisation dedicated to supporting vulnerable children in Mauritius and others in need, proudly announces the official launch of its 2022 Annual Report. The launch event took place at the M-Kids Learning Centre on May 9, 2023. This comprehensive annual report highlights the remarkable achievements accomplished by the organisation throughout the year 2022.

M-Kids remains committed to fulfilling its mission of providing essential support and care to children and vulnerable individuals facing challenging situations. The annual report showcases the dedication and impact of the organisation through a range of remarkable accomplishments:

Distribution of 32,415 hot meals: M-Kids played a crucial role in ensuring that children and vulnerable individuals had access to nutritious meals, promoting their overall well-being.

Over 80 counselling sessions with psychologists: M-Kids provided crucial mental health support to those in need, facilitating their emotional well-being and personal growth.

Organisation of 26 workshops: M-Kids organised educational and informative workshops, equipping children with valuable skills and knowledge to improve their lives and future prospects.

Distribution of 881 food packages: Recognising the importance of adequate nutrition, M-Kids distributed food packages to those facing food insecurity, ensuring they could meet their needs during challenging times.

Reached over 10,000 beneficiaries: Through its various initiatives, M-Kids had a positive impact on the lives of over 10,000 individuals, fostering hope and creating a better future for them.

Ms. Amelia Dupla, a renowned social worker and parent advocate from Australia, honoured the event as a special guest for the annual report launch. Her vast experience and enthusiasm inspired all participants. Ms. Dupla commended M-Kids for its phenomenal work over the past years and expressed hope that the organisation would continue its invaluable efforts in the future.

“We are delighted to launch our 2022 Annual Report, which highlights M-Kids’ remarkable achievements in providing crucial support to children and vulnerable individuals. This report testifies to our commitment to creating a better future for those in need, and we remain determined to continue our impactful work in the years to come.” – Imaam Arshad Joomun, Founder and Director of M-Kids.

The launch of the 2022 Annual Report marks a significant milestone for M-Kids, showcasing the organisation’s dedication and commitment to children and vulnerable individuals in Mauritius. The achievements described in the report are a testament to the collective efforts of M-Kids and its partners, donors, and volunteers.

M-Kids expresses gratitude to all those who have supported the organisation in its mission to create a better future for the most vulnerable members of society. The 2022 Annual Report demonstrates the impact that compassion, dedication, and collaboration can have.

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