151, Volcy de Senneville, 11205 Camp Chapelon, Port Louis, Mauritius


With various social issues (drugs, domestic violence, uncaring parents, lack of support, etc.) severely affecting families, a shelter for children, women and the elderly has become a must in Mauritius, especially in the region of Port-Louis.

The lack of governmental institutions and procedures to handle emergency cases and the overnight lodging of victims, especially in domestic violence cases, renew the urge for a safe haven where vulnerable citizens can spend a few days recuperating.

M-Kids hopes to help abandoned children, abused wives, and elderly citizens who have been removed from unsafe or dangerous situations by providing a temporary roof over their heads.

The safe haven will be available to victims on a short-term basis. The goal is to help the victims, especially mothers with underage children, re-orient themselves while they remain in a safe space.

M-Kids’ safe haven will not only be a place for the individuals to spend their days and nights but, rather, a facility complete with security, qualified personnel, and a psychologist.

After the positive experience we’ve had with a psychologist, we believe the presence and assistance of one will be crucial to the safe haven programme.

Young shelter residents will have a solid support system and access to all services and facilities provided by M-Kids, including but not limited to hot meals, remedial classes, school materials, follow-ups by a trained and certified psychologist, psychosocial support, capacity-building workshops, outings, etc.

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Most of our beneficiaries are in dire need throughout the year. While M-Kids provide needy beneficiaries with essential items, there are groups that still need extra assistance. The cost of living for one child is Rs 3,500 (roughly USD 80) per month, provided there are no other emergency expenses.

20% of young beneficiaries registered with M-Kids have one or both parents missing from their lives. This percentage is expected to rise in the coming years.

M-Kids is committed to providing a safe, well-rounded facility to the most vulnerable beneficiaries.

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