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Commemorating Nelson Mandela Day At M-Kids

Commemorating Nelson Mandela Day At M-Kids

The M-Kids Association celebrated an inspiring evening filled with warmth, wisdom, and the spirit of unity in honour of Nelson Mandela Day. At the M-Kids Learning Centre, 24 young beneficiaries, esteemed guests, and passionate advocates gathered to celebrate the life and legacy of the iconic leader with a heartwarming tribute that left everyone feeling inspired and energised.

The esteemed CEO of Lamco, Mr Latiff, graced the occasion as the Special Guest, accompanied by three staff members, including Mr Michael Lam. Their presence added brilliance to the event, as powerful insights were shared and the values Mandela held dear were celebrated.

Through her artful guidance, Mrs Dooreemeah Shireen Nadira skilfully weaved together emotions and memories, making for an unforgettable evening.

The event paid homage to Nelson Mandela through a captivating exposé of his quotes and biography. His words of wisdom resonated deeply, serving as a reminder of the significance of compassion, equality, and resilience.

Hafiz Umair Karroo enriched the night with soul-stirring verses from the Holy Qur’an, filling the room with serenity and a profound sense of unity.

The Nelson Mandela Dinner at M-Kids left a lasting impact on all, igniting a renewed commitment to carrying the torch of hope and striving for positive change, just as Mandela envisioned.

“Nelson Mandela’s enduring legacy inspires vulnerable children to dream big, persevere, and embrace compassion for a better world,” said Imaam Arshad Joomun, Director of M-Kids Association.

On last year’s Nelson Mandela Day, the young talented artists of M-Kids were warmly welcomed at the Nelson Mandela Centre, where they showcased their impressive artworks.

The M-Kids Association remains dedicated to empowering young hearts and minds, fostering unity, and championing Mandela’s ideals of compassion and equality.

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