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M-Kids Empowers Vulnerable Young Girls with the Workshop “Filles Formidables”

M-Kids Empowers Vulnerable Young Girls with the Workshop “Filles Formidables”

M-Kids, a dedicated association working for the betterment of vulnerable children, recently conducted a highly impactful workshop titled “Filles Formidables” for young girls aged between 12 and 16 years old. The workshop aimed to raise awareness, empower young girls, promote positive mental health, and facilitate support networks for these girls.

The workshop, held at Péreybère, from the 14th to 16th July 2023 and attended by beneficiaries of M-Kids Association and the NGO Groupement Social de Souillac, focused on addressing crucial topics that impact teenage girls. Through engaging sessions and activities, M-Kids aimed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to navigate challenges effectively and make informed decisions.

The first session was led by Ms Anjum Heera-Durgahee, who raised awareness about teenage pregnancy and drug addiction. She emphasised the importance of self-love and body positivity. The girls, who come from various precarious backgrounds, showed great interest in the topics and openly shared their personal experiences.

The second session was conducted by Mrs Towheedah Parouty, covering diverse topics such as embracing curiosity, personal growth, and laying a strong foundation for the future. Mrs Parouty encouraged the girls to adopt productive hobbies and maintain a positive mindset. The session concluded with an engaging quiz on body healthcare and the significance of personal hygiene.

Mrs Priscilla Bignoux, President of the Groupement Social de Souillac, expressed her admiration for the workshop, “As the President of GSS, my heart swells with delight as I witness the beautiful alliance between M-Kids and GSS in our first-ever collaboration. Together, we embarked on a transformative journey, empowering vulnerable girls through a workshop retreat filled with inspiration and growth. I fervently hope for many more joint endeavours that will create lasting impacts in the lives of those we serve. Together, we can foster positive change and uplift our communities to new heights.”

This workshop marks M-Kids’ continued commitment to empowering young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. In February 2023, M-Kids successfully organised the first “Filles Formidables” workshop for girls from Camp Chapelon, Vallée Pitot, and La Butte. Mrs Danila Lacoste conducted a session on “Personal Efficiency,” highlighting the importance of maximising personal efficiency by utilising time effectively.

Throughout the workshop, the girls were encouraged to connect with peers from other organisations, discuss their concerns, seek advice from trusted individuals, prioritise self-care, and engage in exercises and relaxation techniques.

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