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M-Kids empowers young boys through an inspiring workshop on health and wellness

M-Kids empowers young boys through an inspiring workshop on health and wellness

Péreybère, 6th-8th June 2023: M-Kids successfully conducted an impactful workshop titled “Boys Camp” in Péreybère, funded by the SBM Foundation. The main event on Saturday, led by Mr Afzal Chady, engaged 15 young boys in a series of activities aimed at promoting healthy habits, physical activity, teamwork, communication skills, and goal-setting.

The primary objective of the Boys Camp workshop was to instil a lasting appreciation for health and wellness in the children while providing them with a fun and secure environment to participate in physical activities.

One of the highlights of the workshop was an activity where the boys prepared a short presentation on the importance of self-care. They emphasised essential aspects such as self-respect, having a positive outlook on life, self-care, healthy eating, and regular exercise to maintain optimal well-being. This activity encouraged the boys to prioritise their health and wellness in their daily lives.

Carla and Léna, our enthusiastic interns from France, had a great time introducing exciting new games to the participants!

The Sunday session, led by Ms Anjum Heera-Durgahee, a psychologist specialising in the mental health benefits of physical activities, was one of the workshop’s highlights. The participants learned about the different ways in which engaging in physical activities can regulate stress levels, reduce anxiety, and improve focus. Ms Heera-Durgahee organised play therapy, guided mindfulness, and emoticon drawing activities to help the children relax and express their feelings, further emphasising the vital link between mental and physical well-being.

The workshop also offered a unique and thrilling experience to the participants as they had the opportunity to explore the sea in a glass-bottom boat. This exceptional activity not only provided an exhilarating adventure but also created a memorable and rare opportunity for many of the participants.

The Boys Camp workshop held particular significance as it addressed the growing concern of physical inactivity among children. Among the participants, four students admitted to not engaging in any form of exercise. By providing an inspiring and informative experience, M-Kids succeeded in encouraging these participants to adopt healthier lifestyles and make physical activity a regular part of their routine.

M-Kids is committed to empowering children and fostering a generation that values health, well-being, and personal growth. Through initiatives such as the Boys Camp workshop, the organisation strives to equip young individuals with the knowledge, skills, and motivation necessary to lead balanced and fulfilling lives.

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