151, Volcy de Senneville, 11205 Camp Chapelon, Port Louis, Mauritius


The Share A Meal Scheme is one of M-Kids’ most successful initiatives. Beneficiaries enjoy a hot, healthy meal every day.

Parents or guardians of our beneficiaries often find themselves unable to prepare their wards’ meals on time or adequately due to a lack of resources. As such, M-Kids provides young beneficiaries with a balanced meal to ensure every child sleeps with a full belly every night.

Since starting this scheme, the guardians have mentioned that they do not have to worry about looking for food when they return from work. Sometimes, parents work up to three jobs to make ends meet. Sometimes, their micro-businesses are not profitable.

In some cases, young children find themselves looking after their younger siblings. Stepping into their parents’ roles can adversely affect their mental health, with a lack of support, loneliness and isolation weighing them down and their inability to focus entirely on their education.

The stress felt by parents/guardians can transfer to the children, which may adversely affect them. Thus, the Association started the scheme to alleviate the strain on single-parent households, families trying to make ends meet, or grandparents who are often the sole carers of young beneficiaries.

We also have a few elderly members of the community who occasionally benefit from the Share A Meal Scheme.

It is traditional for Muslims worldwide to sacrifice an animal and share one-third of the share with needy individuals and families for Qurbani.

Every year, M-Kids receive meat (beef, mutton, goat, fish, etc.) on various occasions, including Qurbani, ‘Aqiqah (to mark the birth of a child), general donation, etc.

We also receive fish and fresh fruits from different suppliers around Mauritius regularly. The items are duly distributed to needy families in Camp Chapelon and neighbouring regions.

The M-Kids Association takes the responsibility to distribute the meat among its beneficiaries, frozen or cooked, throughout the year.
Due to high prices, many of our beneficiaries have cut down on meat and fish, focusing on inexpensive and sometimes inadequate protein choices.

If you wish to donate fresh meat or fish, kindly separate the items into bags of two or three kilos, ready for distribution.
We also accept fresh fruits and vegetables.

Every year, M-Kids organises a complete medical check-up (diabetes, high blood pressure, eye, obesity, cholesterol, etc.) for community members. 

This allows children, working parents, and elderly members to talk to a doctor and raise any concerns about their health.

Early detection and screening allow patients to understand their health better and encourage them to stay healthy. Regular health screening ensures early intervention, identifies underlying issues and helps with preventive care.

In addition to medical check-ups, M-Kids invites community members to give blood to save lives. Besides saving lives, giving blood helps the donor as well.