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M-KIDS’ “Safe Haven” Project

M-KIDS’ “Safe Haven” Project

M-Kids is launching a new initiative to provide shelter to vulnerable children and women in Mauritius. The initiative will offer temporary refuge to victims of domestic violence, abandonment, and other dangerous situations. M-Kids aims to address the issue of family violence by providing a safe place for women and children in need.

M-Kids’ Safe Haven will provide essential services, including hot meals, study groups, activities, and a child psychologist. Additionally, the organization will assist adult residents in finding affordable housing and provide ongoing support to ensure their well-being even after leaving the shelter. The project aims to protect women and children from family violence and remove them from dangerous situations such as substance abuse, neglect, or a violent environment.

M-Kids’ Safe Haven will have a significant impact on the lives of many individuals, and the shelter will be available on a short-term basis and can also serve as an emergency refuge during cyclones or heavy rains. M-Kids aims to establish the shelter to provide quick and immediate access to victims through coordinated entry, essential resources, trauma support, and advocacy for the rights of women and children.

M-Kids believes that NGOs have an important role to play in assisting the government in achieving common goals, contributing to the elimination of gender-based violence in the Republic of Mauritius.

A total of Rs 3,396,000 will be required to complete the secure premises and launch the project.

You can donate your zakat, lillah, and other contributions via bank transfer to:

MCB account: 000441552552

Juice: 58868786

Ref: Safe Haven

For further information about M-Kids’ shelter, please contact M-Kids at 260 4696.

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